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We're back!  This blog mysteriously disappeared for a few months due to some really strange technical issues with the host, but we're back, albeit with many of the posts missing (we had to recreate it from the wayback archives).  So now that we've returned, the blogging will commence (next week -- got some litigation papers

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Just when you thought you’ve seen it all….. Oscar Mayer has debuted a new dating app named “Sizzl” designed to help people find their soul mate using their bacon preferences. According to Oscar Mayer, “Nothing brings people together like a slice of delicious bacon…”In love, as it is in bacon, it’s important to be discerning

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I am one of the lucky ones. From my first days as a lawyer 30 years ago, I was lucky enough to work with great brands like Sesame Street and the Muppets, Orville Redenbacher, Monopoly, Kraft Foods and Paul Masson. I since have worked with great brands like Apple, Microsoft, NBC, McDonald’s, Star Trek, Citibank,

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