New FTC resources for social media influencers

Whether you are an advertiser that uses influencers in your marketing or an influencer who works with brands a new publication issued by the FTC is one you should read. It is called Disclosures 101 for Social Media Influencers. The publication is written for non-lawyers and summarizes the basics, namely explaining that if you endorse a


Just when you’ve finally figured out a strategy for Instagram, along comes a new platform to get one’s hands and mind around. Enter Periscope from Twitter, now 4 months old and already making its way into corporate branding playbooks. According to the Periscope team, the platform was started on the notion that it would be


Remember last year’s Super Bowl Oreo tweet during the blackout?  This year’s entry for Twitter brand brilliance was during another major contest — the Grammy Awards.  Australian superstar rapper Iggy Azalea earlier that day sent out a tweet to her 4.2 million fans decrying that a Papa John’s delivery person made her cell phone number public, resulting in

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