Just when you’ve finally figured out a strategy for Instagram, along comes a new platform to get one’s hands and mind around. Enter Periscope from Twitter, now 4 months old and already making its way into corporate branding playbooks. According to the Periscope team, the platform was started on the notion that it would be great fun to explore the world through others’ eyes, and more precisely, their live streaming video. And that’s the brilliance of Periscope — one can take journeys anywhere through the video lens of others, but you only have 24 hours to catch the live stream, thus, like Snapchat, creating some viewer urgency. The app already has been downloaded over 10 million times. And major brands are playing with Periscope in very creative ways. Nissan and Target are offering fans behind the scenes footage of their businesses, while Taco Bell created a mock press conference about its new breakfast menu item and invited fans to stop by to try a free “Biscuit Taco.” DKNY used Periscope to take fans “inside” the company on guided tours, and GE (which also is doing some pretty exciting things on Instagram) has been doing some edgy, very creative things.